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What Boost Offers

Boost is a comprehensive Solution to Direct, Manage and Monitor Firm Level Support
SME Diagnostics and Database

Our solution stores and analyzes  data from past and ongoing SME support programs. Our diagnostics take into  consideration key areas crucial for business success

Monitoring and Impact Tracking

M&E tools are built into our solution allowing for simplified knowledge management & informed decision making

Business Service Provision

We link firms with qualified and accredited business service providers regionally and internationally

Qualified Experts and Consultants

Leaders International’s roster of qualified experts provide specialized services fulfilling client needs across the business spectrum

Management Tools and Donor Access

Unique access for each Boost client ensures customization based on needs, along with solid management & compliance of procedures and fluidity of project design or direction

Enabling Market

Linking SMEs with our extensive networks of professionals, financial institutions, investors, and private sector players, to assist them in accessing and exporting to international markets


How it works


Select SMEs eligible for the Program


Conduct a Comprehensive Diagnosis for Each SME


Provide SMEs Access to Management and Procurement Tools


SMEs Receive Services from Verified BDS Providers


Client [and SME] pay for services


Monitor Progress and Adapt to new advancements

Throughout all these steps Leaders International/Boost administers the processes and ensures system functionality, SME support provision, BDS provider verification, procurement facilitation, payment administration, and results monitoring. The client may customize the solution adding some services and focusing on others. The client can view, manage and provide feedback across the range of steps

Why Boost

We Understand Your Requirements and Provide Quality Advice and Solutions Based on Real-market Experience
Enterprise Enhancement

From diagnostics to enabling Exports, Profits and Jobs - we provide a holistic approach to meet all enterprise needs across all sectors

Local Expertise meets International Vision

Our system incorporates an inclusive database of vetted consultant with varying expertise and institutional backgrounds according to international standards

Cost Effective and Secure

The provision of support through the system lowers administration costs whilst ensuring the highest standards of transparency and compliance

Donor Coordination

With the proliferation of Firm Level Assistance programs our solution provides the option for inter- organizational information sharing and coordination of actions among participants


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Experts and Business Service Providers

About Boost

A Solution for Result Orientated FLA Management

Where to find us

Brussels - 1190 Rue Des Anciens Etangs 40

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